Background Resources

As the project team works to develop a long-term vision to address safety and mobility needs for Lincoln Avenue from Park Meadows Drive to Oswego Street, including the I-25 interchange, many previous and existing studies, reports and plans for the area will be considered. These documents can be found below as background resources.

Douglas County 2040 Transportation Master Plan

Defines the long-range vision of the multimodal transportation system.

City of Lone Tree Walk and Wheel Report ​

City of Lone Tree Walk and Wheel Report ​

City of Lone Tree 2040 Transportation Plan ​

The purpose of the 2040 Transportation Plan (TP) is to provide a guiding framework for the continued development and enhancement of the transportation network in Lone Tree.

Purpose and Need Statement - DRAFT

The purpose of the Advancing Lincoln Avenue project is to provide safe, reliable, and efficient travel in the Lincoln Avenue corridor, including its interchange with I-25, while balancing regional mobility with existing and proposed local land use and property access.

Lone Tree Mobility Hub

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is actively completing the design of the Lone Tree Mobility Hub which includes both the northbound and southbound directional movements and hubs on I-25 in the City of Lone Tree, located in Douglas County. This transit improvement project will consist of constructing slip ramps along the I-25 northbound off-ramp and southbound on-ramp for use by Bustang transit services, a pedestrian bridge connecting the two transit stops, and sidewalks.

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